Revisions, May 21/95-May 18/96

This is the Turtle Trax revision history for our first year. Some of the original links have been removed because the pages referred to have changed or no longer exist. In particular, we do not put Turtle Happenings pages in an archive, so the current page is unlikely to reflect the changes listed here.

May 18, 1996

A breakthrough for the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM)! Someone has watched it until destruction for the second time! One other visitor stuck with it all the way last week, but it was Netcarta's robot.

May 11, 1996

The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) entranced one viewer right up until signal loss last week. The effect was probably humbling, since we weren't asked to enshrine a name in the Distinguished BogusCam(TM) Watchers Hall of Honoured Distinction and Persistent Perseverity.

May 4, 1996

Not a single Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) watcher for the whole week, a major bummer dudes.

April 27, 1996

Only one Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) watcher kept doggedly watching till the crash, although there were quite a few who started to watch. Still, the Neilson people have been round and have assured us that we are trouncing the Fox NHL Playoff ratings.

April 20, 1996

Two intrepid Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) watchers went the distance this week. One claimed his place on the List of Distinguished Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) Watchers. You don't know where to find the list? Hint: You have to watch the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM)...

April 13, 1996

This week, one person found The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) intriguing enough to watch until the camera gave out. A number of others began to watch, but were called away on what were undoubtedly urgent matters.

April 6, 1996

Excellent week for The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) reception, apparently. Three watchers kept at it until camera failure, and two of them even owned up to it. We admire their honesty and lack of shame.

March 30, 1996

Someone out there was linking to The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) last week, but although we had quite a few people arriving there, no one managed to make it all the way to the bitter end. We think this is a sad reflection of the ever-shortening attention span of people these days.

March 23, 1996

For the second week in a row, nobody watched the entire The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM). Undoubtedly this is the dawn of a new age of Web awareness and responsibility, in which people will no longer waste bandwidth on frivolity. We'll watch for a similar fall-off in visits to Sounds of the Turtle, but so far, its popularity has not been affected. This is somewhat of a relief, since we'd hate to think that our opportunities for bandwidth waste were being wasted.

March 16, 1996

A disappointing week for the The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM)--nobody watched. The frivolity factor was kept up by visitors to Sounds of the Turtle, since not a day goes by without at least one person falling for it.

March 9, 1996

The bogons did a lot of travelling this week--from Hawaii to the basement and back. A viewer from the Islands stuck with the The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) until meltdown, but declined to be immortalized.

March 2, 1996

Only one persistent visitor to the The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) this week, a modest person who retained anonimity.

February 24, 1996

We had three determined visitors watch The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) until picture break-up. One was sufficiently numbed by the experience that he identified himself, thereby becoming a member of the Distinguished BogusCam(TM) Watchers.

February 17, 1996

Now for the Frivolity Report: an astounding total of 4 (yes, four) people stuck with The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) last week. Typically, they were all too modest to provide us with names.

Howzit is extremely pleased at the attention given Sounds of the Turtle, a bandwidth waster if there ever was one. A total of 27 requests for those, ummm, noises.

February 10, 1996

Two brave souls ventured all the way through The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) last week without claiming the recognition. One resorted to anonimity in order to keep the librarians at the university library unaware of exactly how the public terminals are being used. It is a pity that such diligence should go unacknowledged.

February 3, 1996

The The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) has been repaired, and someone from the United Arab Emirates persevered to the bitter end. This person modestly decided to remain anonymous, however. Puzzling, is it not?

January 27, 1996

The The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) seems to be missing a few parts at the moment. That's okay, no one watches it much these days.

January 20, 1996

Not a single soul endured the whole The Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) last week. We were stunned.

Well, maybe not. Our server has been unstable this past week. We apologize to anyone who has been suffering through it. We think that several bogons got stuck somewhere in the demodulator, but go figure, our provider wants to explore some other ideas first.

January 13, 1996

Yet another hardy soul trekked all the way through the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM), but was too modest to leave a name. In other frivolous uses of bandwidth, 13 people couldn't resist checking whether that really was the sound of a turtle being dropped into the ocean.

January 6, 1996

Our first overseas visitor to complete the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) has been added to the honour roll.

December 31, 1995

One person followed the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) to the bitter end last week, but did not choose to join the honour roll. Folks, if you don't celebrate your frivolities, what is left in life? Boring stuff, that's what.

December 24, 1995

Best of the season to Turtle Trax visitors.

December 17, 1995

Howzit must have a fan out there somewhere who has linked to Howzit's special JPEG (89K), because in the last three weeks it has become our most requested JPEG. You can see all of the Toon character's special JPEGs by visiting Turtle Trax Toon Cast of Characters.

December 10, 1995

We noticed that someone from Japan showed up and collected the Gamera JPEG (79K). We're glad the Big Guy has made his way home. On other frivolous fronts, chalk up one more hero who has struggled through the daunting but still Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM).

December 3, 1995

No Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) heroes this week, although we admire the poor soul who hung on for 43 transmissions.

November 29, 1995

November 26, 1995

Again only one brave soul ventured all the way through the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM). We hope this isn't the same person every week.

November 19, 1995

We omitted the Frivolous Bandwidth Report last week, sorry. Nobody stuck with the BogusCam anyway. This week, exactly one person struggled through the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM), but 17 people wanted to hear the sounds of the turtles.

November 12, 1995

November 5, 1995

Let's see what nonsense people have been up to at Turtle Trax. 23 of you visited the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM), but only 9 people actually tried it out, and one of you heroes stuck it out till the bitter end. 47 people checked out sounds of the turtles, and 37 of them actually listened!

October 29, 1995

Only one persistent soul this week for the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM). Maybe the net is becoming a less silly place, but we doubt it. A friend of ours with extensive net experience claims that people are invariably attracted to net.nonsense. That probably explains why 26 people were curious to hear sounds of the turtles.

October 22, 1995

Yeah, we know, you want the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) report. Two people persevered until camera failure. Three people engaged in unnatural bogon manipulations and as a result, received BogusCam(TM) images that had been timewarped. We do not recommend this procedure, it hurts your head.

October 15, 1995

Someone out there must be linking to the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM). We had over 400 hits on it last week, and a staggering 8 people hung on until the camera failed. We're not sure what this is telling us.

October 8, 1995

This week, three more people heroically stayed with the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) till the bitter end. We are, frankly, flabbergasted.

October 1, 1995

Again this week, someone stuck with the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) until the inevitable camera failure. This is either admirable perserverance or insanity, we're not sure which.

September 24, 1995

September 19, 1995

We'd like to honour the brave soul who persisted with the Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM) until the camera had one of its regular failures. We promise to deal with that pesky octopus Real Soon Now.

September 17, 1995

September 10, 1995

September 3, 1995

September 2, 1995

Once we recover from the jet-lag, we plan a number of additions and changes for Turtle Trax. We had an excellent two months of diving conditions, and made over 24 hours of videotape and took more than 800 photos. We'll be sharing the best of this and lots more with you over the weeks (arrrgh, months!) ahead.

June 30, 1995

June 25, 1995

June 23, 1995

June 20, 1995

June 18, 1995

June 13, 1995

June 11, 1995

June 9, 1995

June 4, 1995

May 29, 1995

May 27, 1995

May 22, 1995

May 21, 1995

Version 1.0 of Turtle Trax is online!

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