Turtle Trax--Dramatis Personae

In the process of drawing turtles for Turtle Trax something wonderful happened. Some of the turtles took on characters of their own. That is how a cartoon strip called "Turtle Trax" came about. While the idea evolved slowly, the actual characters exploded onto centre stage, and we present them here.

George--Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

70K JPG Became fascinated with humans after reading Archie Carr's book, The Sea Turtle--So Excellent a Fishe. Since then, he has spent every waking moment learning all he can about Homo sapiens.

Howzit--Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

71K JPG A small recruit, 38 cm carapace length. Brassy, loud, frequently obnoxious. Actually based on a real turtle, Howzit, who used to be one of the Honokowai regulars.

Tamu--Green Sea Turtle of Unknown Origins

90K JPEG Tamu (real name Tags GaLore) is named after Texas A&M University, one of the few places he's never been. Howzit points out that this shouldn't be a surprise, only fish go to school.

Garland--Sea Turtle Researcher

57K JPEG First took an interest in turtles at the age of two, when an uncle bought him a red-eared terrapin and he promptly swallowed it. With Maui sea turtle research programme since 1976.

Ted--Sea Turtle Researcher

68K JPEG Math and stats genius who fell in love with sea turtles when he realized that they liked to eat a lot and lie around on the reef, two of the things he always wanted to do.

H. H. Fowler--Buffoon At Large

67K JPEG Every organization has a Fowler once it gets big enough. Humphrey H. Fowler is in the Guinness Book of Records for the greatest number of agencies and departments ever worked with by one human being. The longest he lasted in any one place is 18 months--his present assignment.

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