The Turtle Trax Colouring Pages

Here are some Turtle Trax pictures that you can colour yourself.

There are two ways you can colour these drawings. First, select the picture you want by clicking on it. Then:

  1. Print it, or
  2. Save it, then load it into a paint program.

Watch for more Turtle Trax colouring pages, coming soon!


We know that this kind of stuff is hard for adults to figure out, but kids usually have no trouble at all. If your parents need help, remind them that GIFs can have only 256 colours. Check to see if your paint program can convert the pictures to let you use more colours.

If you want to colour with paints, pencils, or crayons, you might want to use a paint program to enlarge the picture size before printing it.

If you are colouring with a paint program and you want to fill two areas that are next to each other, you can make a tiny gap in the line that separates them. Once you have filled the areas, you just draw the line again.

As Old As Dinosaurs

The Largest Turtle

The Smallest And Most Endangered Turtle

The Largest Hard-shelled Turtle

The Turtle With The Prettiest Shell

The Turtle With The Large Head

Kidz Korner

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