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Welcome to the Internet's Only Awesomely Way Cool BogusCam(TM)!

As you know, the successful transmission of data signals from underwater has long been the subject of research, particularly by the military, who need to maintain communications with submersible vessels and personnel on SCUBA. The tremendous difficulties involved have, until now, prevented anyone from attaching a camera to the net that transmits a picture from underwater. This challenge has now been met!

Thanks to recent advances in Quantum Bogodynamics, we have been able to design a BogusCam(TM) that uses a charged bogon-emitting device to transmit images originally captured underwater in Maui, Hawaii, directly to your screen. The images you are seeing are captured roughly 2-3 seconds apart, amplified by our exclusively engineered bogon stimulator, transformed into compressed erratically modulated bogon packets, uplinked to the BogonStar Mk III satellite orbiting 35,000 km above the earth's surface, downlinked to our exclusive bogon demodulator located in our basement, converted back into pure bogon encoded JPEG images, and ultimately made available here for your viewing enjoyment.

Government, military, and intelligence services are welcome to licence this Quantum Bogodynamic technology at a nominal fee. Civilians may use this technology for free provided that proper credit is given with each use.


Due to high levels of bogon emissions, text browsers and other browsers incapable of rendering JPEGs are advised not to venture beyond this page.

You have been warned!

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