Orlando, 2000--20th Annual Sea Turtle Symposium

Ursula's Reflections

Orlando 2000 was a mixed bag. Exhausting and glad I'm home. And yet now (a week later) I wish I could do it all over again. Orlando 2000 was a big blur, with time, faces and issues leaking out from all sides. I continue to run out of time.

This was the Symposium of Memories. And the Memories sang.
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This was the Symposium of Memories. And the Memories sang.

The highlight was seeing and hearing Dr. Archie F. Carr III speak on Wednesday night. Riveting. A wordsmith like his dad. Looks like his dad. I just wish I had met his dad.

It was the Symposium of Lions. And the Lions roared.

It was the Symposium of Lions. And the Lions roared.

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In his Friday address, Dr. Llewellyn Ehrhart held our hands and led us on a 20 year journey from the very first sea turtle meeting to Orlando 2000. Dr. Ehrhart has been to them all. He spoke affectionately about what these annual gatherings mean to him -and to us.

"Second only to that [the knowledge and information] I value the friendships that I've developed coming to all twenty of these meetings."

There was another Lion: Dr. Colin Limpus. For Peter and me this is the Symposium where we "met" Colin Limpus. He provided us with the most delightful surprise. Before his talk, the chair introduced Limpus and described him as a "turtle hugger for almost three decades".

Imagine. Colin Limpus. Turtle Hugger. He's one of us!

It was the Symposium of Issues. Issues we wish would JUST GO AWAY!

The Cuban Proposal was baaaaaaaaaack like some nagging toothache, prodded and poked this time by Canadian sex-ratio expert Dr. Nicholas Mrovosky.

But mainly it was like all other nineteen annual meetings before. It was a time to talk turtle, meet with old friends, and make new ones.

Hope to see you next year at Philadelphia!

Ursula Keuper-Bennett, March 11, 2000

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Fetches a 39K JPG Left to right: Dr. Alberto Abreu Grobois, J Nichols, and Isidro Arce Arce, a fisher from Punta Abreojos, Baja California Sur. (Photo: Jorge E. Picon)
Fetches a 39K JPG Dr. Félix Moncada of Cuba gives a Wednesday talk on Convergence of Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) on the Cuban Shelf. (Photo: Jorge E. Picon)
Fetches a 40K JPG The Florida Connection From left to right: Drs. Alan Bolten, Karen Bjorndal and Blair Witherington.
Fetches a 73K JPG Dimitris Margaritoulis, ARCHELON-Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, addresses the Saturday morning meeting of the Marine Turtle Specialist Group.
Fetches a 47K JPG New friends--very new. We packed envelopes together! Jan and Mort Hanson enjoy the chaotic good times of the Thursday night auction.
Fetches a 31K JPG Dr. Nicholas Mrosovsky puts his spin on things at the annual meeting of the Marine Turtle Specialist Group. Dr. Jack Musick foreground listens.
Fetches a 32K JPG Dr. Jack Musick responds to comments made by Dr. Mrosovsky.
Fetches a 49K JPG During all the serious debate, there existed a reminder why it is important for us to fight on behalf of sea turtles. We must ensure these remarkable animals are around to inspire future generations as represented by this beautiful baby. Mexico's Dr. Alberto Abreu Grobois charms a "hatchling", Rachel P.
Fetches a 51K JPG Nicholas Pilcher receives congratulations for being a new member of the Marine Turtle Specialist Group
Fetches a 57K JPG Pushpa M. Palaniappan of Sabah listens intently as issues are debated. After the Symposium she spent several days seeing the good work done by the wonderful Topsail crew at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center
Fetches a 56K JPG And speaking of Topsail... fun at the auction! Jean Beasley (center) is "ringleader."
Fetches a 40K JPG Dr. Colin Limpus, Turtle Hugger, in conversation with Dr. Anders Rhodin.
Fetches a 49K JPG Richie Moretti, old friend. He's battled fibropapilloma disease since 1986. He was the subject of a recent National Geographic EXPLORER episode called "Paradise in Peril." It was wonderful to spend as much time with him as I did.
Fetches a 63K JPG Dr. Jack Frazier at the MTSG meeting. Jack speaks fluent hero in two languages.
Fetches a 54K JPG J Nichols delivers grim news to his audience during this talk. The young committed researcher works closely with fishers in the communities of Baja to conserve the sea turtles in this region.
Fetches a 52K JPG Last, a fun picture. Because we need fun, no matter how grim the turtle news is. We need to find time to laugh and celebrate our small successes. Otherwise, I'm convinced we'd all go nuts! (Photo: Isidro Arce Arce)

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