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October 14th, 2007  

Early Aikane

I’ve got new video for you on Aikane’s biography page. I extracted about six minutes of Aikane from compilation tape 1, which covers the summer of 1991 and the early part of the summer of 1992. That includes what turned out to be our first documented sighting of Aikane in 1991. It also illustrates how small Aikane was when we first met him (her?).

In those early days, Aikane was important to us not just because s/he was friendly, but also because every other turtle we saw regularly at Honokowai either had or was getting tumors. This wasn’t the only reason that Aikane was the Honokowai honu we photographed and videotaped the most. Even with the poor quality of our video from that period (not helped by size reduction for the web) you can easily see how attractive Aikane was.

What’s a compilation tape?

In 1997, when we first acquired a digital tape deck, Ursula reviewed all of our Regular-8 and Hi-8 video. She created six compilation tapes with short clips form the original media, documenting what was good and/or interesting and where we could find it. It’s a fascinating and invaluable resource, even if a lot of the material is usable only for historical purposes.

Our video from that time suffers not just from age. The format we started with (Regular-8) wasn’t great to begin with. Worst of all, we hadn’t yet learned about white balance and we didn’t even have an orange filter, so the colour is just awful. Warts and all, however, I find myself fascinated by what is on those tapes. They really drive home the changes that have occurred underwater at Honokowai over the past 15-16 years.


In this week’s Toon, The CorpSec Err Force is on the move, but under the watchful eye of Kariya Nation. Over at that other blog, you can meet Kariya Nation’s inside operative, The Mole. Check him out.

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