Week of September 8-15, 2007

September 16th, 2007  

This week’s Toon

I realized that I’ll be making at least one post a week. That’s because this blog replaces the old Revisions page, and at a minimum we’re posting a new cartoon every week. Keep an eye on the link on the right.

The latest cartoon is called Howzit Is Planely Boasting, in which Our Hero demonstrates how persuasive the Mayor and the staff of the Corporation of the City of Mississauga can be.

The Dedication

I thought I’d start the Trax revisions with something simple: our Dedication. Looked to me like all I needed was to apply the standard Trax CSS stylesheet, clean up a couple of small things, and wallah!

Wrong! Never underestimate the ways in which browsers can interpret the same CSS differently. The reason this post is a day late is that Internet Explorer (who could’ve guessed?) rendered the CSS drop-shadow code (yes, I know it’s ugly) differently than it did on this blog page–and of course, in a really ugly way.

The Trax stylesheet and the blog stylesheet are different but share some elements, including the drop-shadow code. Obviously something else was influencing things, but what? Turns out that I’m still not sure. I did manage to get it working but for the life of me I don’t understand why. I applied a class to the images that I’m not using on the blog, and that–fixed things? Very suspicious.

Anyway, I have revised the Dedication page, even if it’s hard to tell. (I suspect that a lot of the revisions coming up will not change the way the page looks much.) I’ve added a link to a short (really short) video clip of Clothahump from 1992. I decided it didn’t look right to embed it on that page, but I have no problem embedding it here:

As soon as we capture more of our video, I hope to post biographical clips of many Honokowai turtles. I just wish YouTube had the organizing features of Flickr.

Oops! (Update)

I just discovered a bug in the template I use for the weekly Toon Archives meant that anyone looking at the archives for the latest series probably got a headache from some badly resampled JPEGs. This happened because I use Opera and it resamples those images nicely, but Firefox and Internet Explorer certainly do not. Anyway, I fixed it. Apologies to anyone with sore eyes.

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