French Frigate Shoals--25th Anniversary

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This special photo gallery is dedicated to Harry Emmett Finch (U.S. Coast Guard, retired)--poet guardian of the East Island, French Frigate Shoals (left).

Special thanks to his friend, George H. Balazs, the sea turtle researcher who initiated the tagging programme there in 1973, and 25 years later continues to champion the cause of these spectacular animals.
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"I just went to my 1973 field note book. I flew there for the first time on June 1, 1973."
G. Balazs, email 1998
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"We set down on Tern Island at about 12:15 pm. I walked the Tern Is. beach that night. No signs of turtle nesting observed. On June 3, 1973 I first set foot on East Island, setting up a tent and small campsite."
G. Balazs, 1973 notes
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"Within the Coast Guard, French Frigate Shoals was the ultimate isolated duty, often referred to when threats were made to ship someone to the middle of nowhere."
Lt. Jerry M. Lentz, US Coast Guard (Retired)
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"The remoteness and isolation from family is just as indescribable. The helplessness in times of family emergency (and there were several) and the primitive communications (no cell phones or Internet back then) could be very depressing."
Tom Marquette
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"Paradise and prison--all in one."
G. Balazs, 1973 notes

All photos © 1973-76 G. Balazs. All rights reserved.

French Frigate Shoals--25th Anniversary

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