The Trophy Case

Arranged in the order we got them...

[Cool Site Icon] On behalf of the turtles, we'd like to thank Glenn Davis for choosing Turtle Trax Cool Site of the Day for Sunday, May 28, 1995. Mahalo nui loa, Glenn.
[Digital Dozen Icon] The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education picked Turtle Trax as one of its Digital Dozen for October, 1995. Turtle Trax was also picked by ENC to be one of the websites included on a CD-ROM that was distributed to 25,000 schools across the US.
[Magellan 4 Star Badge] The McKinley Group has awarded Turtle Trax four stars and a nice review.
[Point 5% Badge] Point Communications has rated Turtle Trax in the top 5% of Internet sites, also with a great review.
[Hip Herp Icon] We also thank Kirk Taylor for choosing Turtle Trax as the Hip Herp Site of the Week for February 4-10, 1996.
[NHK Icon] NHK, the Japanese broadcasting network, has twice selected Turtle Trax to be featured on its "TV-Internet" program.
[Cool Canadian Site Badge] Thanks to Rob Benner for naming Turtle Trax "Cool Canadian Site of the Day" for May 7, 1996.
[Best of Hawaii Badge] Turtle Trax was named a Best of Hawaii Top 10 Site for June, 1996.
[Best Turtle Trax is proud to have been selected for the GeoSync Interactive-Silver Burdett Ginn Best of the Net Award in the Science category in 1996.
[WebScout Icon] WebScout picked Turtle Trax as one of its Way Cool Sites in December 1996.
[Golden Snorkel Icon] liked us enough to present us with their Golden Snorkle Award.
[EZ Connect Badge] EZ Connect selected Turtle Trax for its Best of the Net award in February, 1997.
[Editor's Choice Badge], the Supersite for Kids, made us their Editor's Choice in February, 1997.
[Omnivision Badge] Omni Magazine chose Turtle Trax to receive its Omnivision Award in April, 1997.
[NS Hotspot Icon] The magazine New Scientist picked Turtle Trax as its Site of the Day and placed us on their list of Hotspots in June, 1997.
[EI Award Icon] The Education Index added us to their Biology section and gave us the Education Index Top Site award in June 1997.
[StudyWeb Excellence Badge] StudyWeb decided that Turtle Trax was one of the internet's premier educational sites and sent us their StudyWeb Academic Excellence Award in January 1998.
[Educator's Internet Icon] Classroom Connect selected Turtle Trax for the "Ocean Life" issue of their Educator's Internet CD.
[Snap Editor's Choice Badge] Snap, the portal/search engine, has selected Turtle Trax as one of its Editors' Choices for "excellence in design, content and editorial presentation."
[Net-mom Approval Badge] Turtle Trax is Net-mom approved. This means that we're listed in Jean Armour Polly's book The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages.
[Brittanica Internet Guide Award Badge] Turtle Trax has been selected by the online Encyclopedia Brittanica as one of the best sites on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability.
[Education World A+ Badge] Education World gave Turtle Trax an A+ in its reviews for February, 2000.

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