Weekly Summary--Week 9 (01/09/01)

Dawg-dead-tired-drugged-out-went-bust--we've scraped bottom!

We've fallen victim to advancing age (50+), beach turtle watches till 11:30 pm each night, beach turtle patrol 6:30 am daily, plus trying to keep to our regular dive schedule.

George Balazs has a saying to cover this: "We can sleep when we're dead."


"We can sleep when we're dead."

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George Balazs visits (again)

George visited this week and because we're already preparing for another visit (tomorrow) we're pressed for time and can't summarize adequately what George has been up to here and will be up to tomorrow.

So. Summarizing quickly...

We love it when he shows up.

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"...or dry."

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He's the best there is.

Daniel update

Daniel continues to dive here and is making great progress--great progress. This week we took Daniel and Dad for a honu photography outing. The goal was simply to give Daniel a chance to shoot some video and to blow their roll of film from their rented camera.

We offer here the first and only photograph of both Peter and Ursula together underwater. We've had plenty of video freeze-frames but no actual photograph and now we do. This photo has been made even more special for us it was taken by someone we've known since he was four.

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Peter and Ursula pose beside the very special honu 605C.

Photo by Daniel

Cool sequence of the week

OK, Turtle Dudes and Dudettes, here's the Play-by-Play.

Ho'omalu, our resident Mexican Black Turtle, was resting contentedly by herself when in swims a Hawaiian green turtle (honu) who then settles down directly behind Ho'omalu. Whenever two turtles are that close together, there's always potential for intrigue and, depending on the temperament of the turtles, even mayhem.

No mayhem this time--but certainly intrigue.

Honu bites Ho'omalu.

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Honu bites Ho'omalu again.


Honu bites Ho'omalu--yup--again.

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...and does this a total of 15 times!


Ho'omalu in turn ignores the honu 15 times. We had fun observing this. Pure Fun!

Biting is one of several creative ways honu have of getting other honu to move. To her credit, our resident docile Mexican stayed planted.

Later in our dive, however, we noticed Ho'omalu was no longer where we first saw her. To our delight we saw her resting at Mt. Balazs.

To our delight we saw her resting at Mt. Balazs.

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It's clear Ho'omalu must have gone up for air and then settled to a more peaceful place--away from an obnoxious honu who shall go unnamed to protect The Guilty!

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