Weekly Summary--Week 5 (01/08/04)

Swell--just swell!

This week has brought with it waves and tides and strong currents and diving conditions just generally ranging from poor to non-existent. When we did manage to get in the water for a dive, the Cladophora was so thick that everything was a gruesome green.

Still, we find that preferable to what we're faced with lately: two straight days of swells. Combine that with really late nights, one-dive days, and we wind up with little to report on the Honu Front.

To understand why we're not diving, this is what happened to a snorkeler standing atop the Seawall, which is what we call the submerged ridge we must negotiate during entry and exit.

Fetches a 35K JPEG

Fetches a 35K JPEG
Fetches a 34K JPEG

...and that wasn't even one of the big waves!. This has been our only source of entertainment for the last 48 hours!

Plans in disarray

Oh sure, we had plans. Places to go. Things to do. We always have things to do underwater. We continued to document the algae bloom here. The swells interrupted that. We continued to monitor sea turtles. The swells interrupted that. We continued to document foraging. The swells interrupted that.

For the first time ever, we have nothing new to report for our weekly summary. Just these swells and promise of even bigger swells throughout next week!


It makes us almost nostalgic for Cladophora slime and Lyngbya blooms!

Fetches a 56K JPEG

Videotaping Amuala, who is probably wondering where we are right about now.


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